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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Beach Trip

I have a lot of pictures here, so I'm not going to type much. We'd been learning about the beach, so we took a trip to the nearest one (it's more of a seashore than a beach, I think--you'll see in the pictures). My baby sister drove--she needs a lot of practice hours before she can get her license. Little Boy hadn't been to the beach (seashore?) in at least a year. We had this part of the beach to ourselves. Rocky, huh? My brother tagged along, too. Little Boy found a tiny shell--you can't tell in the photo, but the shell is fingernail-sized. I wouldn't recommend swimming in this water (although some people do). We wear rain boots instead. We saw barnacles, little crabs, seaweed, gulls, and seashells--all things we'd learned about at home. And Little Boy thought that was kinda cool. But really, all a three-year-old boy wants to do at the beach is throw rocks in the water. {cross-posted at Pie For Breakfast}

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  1. What a delightful day - sounds just perfect :)



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