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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Know ABCs

Little Boy frustrates me because he never sings. He likes it when I sing to him, and he moves his lips along with the words I'm singing, but that's it.  

But finally, finally, finally I got him to sing more than one word. And then I couldn't get him to stop singing the same two lines, over and over:

By the way, do you like Little Boy's farmer outfit? Isaac dressed him in a flannel shirt and overalls this morning. When they came in to wake me up, I asked Little Boy about his plans for the day: 

Andrea: "Hey, Farmer John! Are you gonna go milk the cows?" 
Little Boy: "No!" 
Andrea: "Are you gonna go feed the pigs?" 
Little Boy: "No!" 
Andrea: "Are you gonna feed the chickens?" 
Little Boy: "No! Feed the fish!" 
Isaac: "He's a fish farmer." 



  1. Do you have cows and chicks at home.you are very lucky to have them.

  2. That little Fish Farmer is soooo cute!


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