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Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Fun

photo by MBK (Marjie)

I've been thinking about putting together another Toddler Dictionary post for a long time. I like to look back at how his language skills are improving. But I keep putting it off. 

So, to motivate myself--and because it's Friday--I thought I 'd switch things up a bit. Let's play "Match the Toddler Phrases!" Wahoo! Match the Little Boy phrases on top with the grown-up phrases below--scroll down for the answers. I think I made them pretty easy. Good luck! 

1. how bout 
2. pee-tay-oh 
3. tum-pee-tay-oh 
4. tum bat 
5. doff bah 
6. peese taw
7. uh did uht 
8. wuh-wuh 
9. pee-pah 
10. appah thaw-thawth 

a. come back 
b. paper 
c. I did it 
d. potato 
e. noodle 
f. apple sauce 
g. police car 
h. tomato 
i. golf ball 
j. how about... 

Answers: 1.j 2.d 3.h 4.a 5.i 6.g 7.c 8.e 9.b 10.f


  1. That was fun! I aced it. It must be a gift given to "Nanas"! You come up with the cutest things.

  2. that was fun! too cute, and I didn't do too well :) maybe its my slow night brain.

  3. Cute...after 4 kids I am a total pro!

  4. LOL. So cute! I definitely need to work on my toddler speak. I missed a lot of the answers!

  5. I have to admit that I did stellar on your quiz.

  6. playing the game was fun and i missed a lot of answers.


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