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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Sunday!

photo by Travis S.

"It is something to supply clothing to the scantily clad, to furnish ample food to those whose table is thinly spread, to give activity to those who are fighting desperately the despair that comes from enforced idleness, but after all is said and done, the greatest blessings that will accrue . . . are spiritual. There is more spirituality expressed in giving than in receiving. The greatest spiritual blessing comes from helping another."
-David O. McKay
Church Quote of the Day

 Three-year-old girl: "There's Sister Cook*!"
Girl's mom: "Mmhmm."
Girl (pointing to Sister Cook's husband): "And there's her grandfather!"


  1. Beautiful! So true, thank you!

  2. Hi there! Yes, you should check out the "hair"!!! I color mine to match and NO ONE would ever know!!! It's fun, it's easy and saves me time.

    I post almost everyday - come on over whenever you have time!



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