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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Spookables and Terribibbles

I've been trying to create an age-appropriate Halloween for Little Boy. For the last week or two, I've checked out Halloween stories and videos from the library. He probably won't remember this Halloween next year, but at least he'll have a vague idea of what's going on right now. His newest words are "buttin" (pumpkin) and "doast" (ghost). He loves that doasts say, "ooooooOOOOoooo". And he loves to point out buttins wherever he sees them.

Last night we watched Frankenpooh and Spookable Pooh (from the library, of course). Little Boy doesn't usually get to watch an hour's worth of cartoons, so it was quite an event to him. Lucky kid.

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  1. we're trying to get emily and hannah not afraid of Halloween.. Emily loves Halloween.. all but the scary parts. She remembers that we went trick or treating last year and everything! You'd be surprised what they actually remember!! Today we were shopping at Target and Hannah saw pumpkins and she started singing "where is pumpkin where is pumpkin, here I am here I am" (instead of where is thumbkins..)


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