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Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey, Ladies!

...or dudes, if you want to win something for your ladies. Or...if you just like lady stuff...um...that's okay, too.

In my writing-induced haze these last few weeks, I totally forgot to mention that I'm a contributing writer at a (fairly) new blog, Motherhood Reflections. It's a fun place. On any given day, you can read posts there about breastfeeding, being a working mother, planning for more kids, deal sites, pregnancy, cold/flu remedies, birthdays...anything and everything about being a mom.

AND! We're having our first big giveaway--the prizes are:

  • A selection of Mary Kay products
  • A beautiful bird's nest necklace
  • A handmade pashmina shawl from India
  • And all the beauty products from this post
I don't know (but I'll try to remember to ask) whether there will be several different winners, or one winner for the whole haul. Either way, your odds are still pretty good. We don't have a lot of entries yet.

So...click on through! Good luck!

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  1. Umm.. I felt a little awkward at the beginning of your post............. what kind of friends do you have :D


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