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Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack...I Think.

I've mentioned before that I don't blog much when I'm not feeling well [or, if I do blog, it's memes and Wordless Wednesdays.]. And I haven't been feeling well. But I'm feeling better now. So far. And even though I didn't blog, I did manage to take a few pictures last week.

I found this note on the fish tank when I came downstairs one morning. The other fish, Ron Weasley, is blurrily alive and well.

My sister sent me a recipe for microwaveable chocolate cake. I tried it. I failed. [I may have altered the ingredients a little bit.]

This is Little Boy's "silly face". Or, as he says it, "thi-thee" face.

Which just goes to show that even when the fish die and the chocolate cake fails to be chocolate cake, a thi-thee face can still cheer me up.


  1. Just curious, but how do you fail the mug cake??

  2. Love the fish names!

    Sorry you've been sick...I know the feeling.

  3. Love the post. I agree the fish names are great. I also love Sunday's Post. Aren't we blessed to have Pres. Monsen

  4. Hope you're feeling better! I've never heard of a cake in a mug???
    I bet it stilled tasted good. Wasn't that chocolate I saw:)

  5. sorry you haven't been feeling well.

    i have been in an emotional slump and it has shown I think on my blog.....

  6. at least you still post when you aren't feeling well....I just let it go for weeks! Belen makes a similar face when I ask her to smile for the camera...silly kiddos! Must be something in their genes!!

  7. Guess a few of us made the transition over from xanga :-) although I haven't posted there in the longest! I'm not nearly as dedicated to blogging as I am to reading them- such a bad habit! I'm trying to get better though...

  8. I love that you took a picture of your failed cake. One of these days I should do a post on all my failed kitchen "experiments".


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