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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pioneers in Ghana

I was reading the Ensign the other day and came across this article, "Pioneers in Ghana." It made me cry [but what else is new?]. The article is about an art student at BYU who went to Ghana, along with three other students, to paint portraits of pioneer Latter-day Saints in Ghana. And then the article has some of the artwork that these students painted. Here are two of my favorites, along with their captions:

Bitner Johnson: Grandson of the Patriarch, by Jesse Bushnell Named after President Gordon Bitner Hinckley, Bitner Johnson is the son of Brigham Johnson and the grandson of Joseph William Billy Johnson.

Dr. Emmanuel Kissi—“He Raised the Woman Up,” by Jesse Bushnell In 1983 a poverty-stricken woman with a severely malnourished child came to Latter-day Saint doctor Emmanuel Kissi for help. Dr. Kissi had food items sent to him by the Church to treat those with malnutrition. At no charge, he gave her rice, corn, beans, and cooking oil. The woman fell down in gratitude before the doctor. Dr. Kissi raised the woman up by the hand and said, “This food has been sent to you from God. You must give all your thanks to Him.”


  1. Those are beautiful photos. I especially like the one of the child.
    Congrats on your award!

  2. You have such a good heart, Andrea.
    These portraits are wonderful!


  3. I have not read this article, I will have to go back and look it up. We had a good friend who joined the church from Ghana and he was full of wonderful stories.


  4. Oh my gosh! I was reading this same article the other night! I so wish I would have done something like this when I was studying art. How amazing!


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